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Who We Are

For someone who might be curious as to why Terry Fields chose to name his gallery “Top Drawer”, they need look no further than Webster’s New World College Dictionary, which defines the term as an adjective referring to something of the highest importance, quality, status, or merit.

Located in the Old Town Artisan Village, Berea, Kentucky, Top Drawer Gallery offers the finest handmade jewelry, glass, ceramics, textiles, wood, and metal products available in the American handmade industry. Founded in 2003, Top Drawer Gallery enjoys a reputation for quality due to owners Terry and Jerilu Fields’ cultivation of relationships, many since the store opened, and representing some of the most talented craftspeople and artisans from across Kentucky and the U.S.

Handmade American Artistry

Our Products
  • Jewelry
  • Glass & Metal
  • Pottery
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Wall Art
  • Local Foods, Seasonings & Tea
  • Textiles

About our Collections

Handmade, Artisan made, Unique

Our Handmade American Artistry Collections are the finest handmade jewelry, glass, pottery, wood and metal products available.  Because we maintain relationships with all our Artisans and have hand picked each piece especially for our gallery, all of our collections are unique.  We invite you to browse through our site and contact us for additional information on any of these pieces or if you have questions about other pieces we carry.

*Please contact us to purchase any products that you might be interested in that are not included in the online shopping section. We are always happy to do phone orders!

COVID-19 Protocols

Your Safety is our Priority

COVID-19 has changed small businesses across the world. In an effort to stay relevant during these unprecedented times, Jerilu and Terry have worked diligently to follow CDC guidelines. Plexiglas barriers are installed at the checkout station, along with masks, hand sanitizer, and new signage regarding COVID operating procedures are all in place to assure that visitors to the gallery feel safe and valued. Inventory has been kept at an optimum level via online ordering from the experienced vendors that have also safely navigated the difficult times during the pandemic.

A recent investment in a new website and stronger social media presence is intended to make customers’ online shopping experience almost as pleasant as seeing the gallery in person. While we know that is not entirely possible, we do hope you will drop in soon to see new products, re-order existing favorites or just to say “hello”. Your patronage of Top Drawer Gallery is greatly appreciated!

About the Owners

Terry & Jerilu Fields

Wood Worker & Owners of Top Drawer Gallery

As a highly regarded wood worker himself, Terry has created the perfect venue for other talented artisans to show case their craft. His combined experience of 17 years with Berea College, seven of those as head of Berea College Student Crafts, helped prepare him in understanding the retail market of American handmade crafts. In addition, his wife, Jerilu, brings 15 years of management and purchasing experience to the beautiful retail setting. Together, the couple work to garner customers that travel north and south along Interstate 75, with 70% of the visitors being from outside of Kentucky. Not surprising, their top selling items are hand crafted wooden furniture.


(859) 985-2907

Partners & Affiliations

Berea Chamber of Commerce

Berea Arts Council

City of Berea KY

KY Artisan Center

KY Arts Council

Kentucky Crafted

See our Collections

We invite you to browse through our site and contact us for additional information on any of these pieces or if you have questions about other pieces we carry.
See our Collections